DLC System: Access Dealer Only Auctions To Maximize ROI For Your Car Flipping Business

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Get Access To All The Tools And Support You Need To Grow Your Business

Auction Access

  • Attend Dealer Only Auctions Nationwide
  • Access Online Auctions 24 Hours 7 Days A Week 

Fast Approval

  • Be Approved Within 24 Hours          
  • No Credit Check Required                    

Stop Hunting Customers 

  • Use Our Neat Trick Strategy To Line Up Buying Customers
  • Free Up Your Time To Serve Clients Better & Generate More Revenue

Save Time & Energy

  • Stop Figuring Stuff Out Yourself. Use Our Ad Templates & Processes
  • We Have Trained Support Staff In Place To Answer Your Questions

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • 3 Videos That Walk You Through The Entire Process (Start To Finish)
  • The Fastest Way To Get Your Auction Access In Just 3 Days

1:1 Flipping Coaching

  • A Flipping Coach Goes Over Your Entire Flipping Strategy With You
  • Have The Security & Confidence That Your Strategy Will Work

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Get Support From Sarah, Our Dedicated Car Flipping Adviser

Member Success Program

  • Sarah's Only Job Is To Make You Happy & Successful
  • Feel Confident & Supported While You Attend Auctions
  • Your Purchase Comes With A Five-Milestone Customer Success Program 
  • We Have Your Back. We Know You Have Questions. We Are Here For You

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    Dealer Plates
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    Nationwide Auction Access
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    1:1 Guidance
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    5 Craigslist Ad Templates
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    Web Based Deal Jackets
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    Sticky Note Strategy
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    Personalized Run List
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    Weekly Strategy Calls
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    No State Class Required
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    No Lot Required
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    3 On-Boarding Videos
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    Sell to Public
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    Wholesale to Dealers
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    Export Internationally
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    Feedback on Ads
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    Profit Tracker
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    No Contract
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    3 Day Setup


$997 to start

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Case Study #4 (Tom, Texas)

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Customer Testimonial (Murdock, Minnesota)

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Why People Around The Country Join DLC Network..

Want To Join Hundreds Of DLC Network Members To Level-Up Your Car Flipping Business?


How Does The DLC System Work?

We set you up as an Official Dealer Agent for one of our many dealerships across the country. You become a member of the dealer's LLC structure which gives you the legal right to buy and deliver cars on their behalf. Most importantly, you keep 100% of the profits you make. 

Is There A Contract?

No. Our programs are month to month.  

Do You Qualify?

In order to become a member of DLC, you must have no felonies or prison time served within the last 5 years. You must have an active driver's license and no DUI in the last 5 years.

How Do I Transport My Cars?

You have 3 options. You can use a tow dolly and transport it yourself. You can hire a transporter at the auction. Or the final option, depending on your situation, we may be able to offer you a dealer plate. Dealer plates are not available in all states. 

How Many Auctions Can I Attend?

You will have access to auctions all across the country. Some of our partner dealers are not limited to, but includes Manheim, Adesa, America's Auto Auction, etc. 

How Does Your Refund Policy Work?

In case you change your mind, you have 7 calendar days to ask for a refund for your first and last. We will refund you your full payment minus the $300 start up fee and 3% merchant processing fee we were charged. Your refund will take approximately 3-5 days to get back into your bank account.