In 7 Days or Less...
 Or We'll Give You $297

That’s right…if we can’t get you access to auctions within 7 business days, we will give you $297. Not in credit, not in gift certificates, but in cold, hard, cash. To take us up on this generous offer, call us right now at 888-423-7782 for a no-obligations consultation to find out if our service is right for you.


We promise, we'll never share your information with anyone.

How can we do this?

We know you want to be an auto dealer, but it usually takes months and thousands of dollars before you:

  • Find your ideal location
  • Get bonded and insured
  • Deal with government red tape
  • And finally get your license

On your own, will this happen in 7 days? We didn't think so.

Here’s our Time & Money-saving solution and a shake-up of the Typical Model:

  • We Make You a Dealer Representative of an Already Established Dealership
  • We clear the traffic of government regulations to give you a clear road ahead
  • You Get Your Auction Access in 7 Days or Less 
  • You Buy Cars at Wholesale Auctions
  • You Flip them Online

Why do we do this?

Every good business relationship depends on win-win deals. This is yours. But time is limited to take advantage of our model-busting offer to put you on the road to a license to buy and sell cars. Chat with us right now, or call us today 888-423-7782

We don’t just provide your dealer’s license; that’s just the driveway of your career journey. You have a road to travel and we will help you along the entire journey. We will help you build your dealership by providing:

Local Market Analysis: Cars that sell in one market sit idle in other markets. What’s selling in your local market? Why? Or, why not? We’ll provide expert advice to help you bid on the cars that will turn your inventory to profit in your pocket.

Auction Analysis: You should not key on one auction. There are many auctions available to you, but they differ widely in what they offer. Our expert advisors will guide your analysis of the run lists to select just the right cars for your customers.

Free Coaching Sessions: Your education is only as valid as the experts from whom you learn. We have been proving our worth to dealers just like you for over eighteen years; years of learning by doing and doing by expert analysis.

Legal and Compliance: Government regulations are variable and changeable, but we are constantly surveying the road. We will help you avoid new and old potholes in the local/state/federal regulation road.

Why should you choose Us?


Fast Approval

No Credit Check Required & Be Approved Within 24 Hours


Complete Service

1:1 Flipping Coach and Step-By-Step Instructions


Auction Access

Attend Dealer Only Auctions Nationwide & Online Auctions 24/7

What are the features and benefits that separate us from our competitors? 


No Out-of-Pocket Bond: Some of our competitors require new client to be bonded when joining their program, to be paid out of pocket by the client. The problem is, some programs gladly accept a client’s set-up and state fees — both nonrefundable! — and only then advise that the bond is also required. That’s not even bait and switch; that’s bait, hook, line, and sinker.


You’ll never miss an auction: Others might point out that multiple bidders on the same license are often locked out of auctions, leaving you in the cold even if you have a dealer license. This is a valid concern by which many programs like ours suffer. However, a partnership created by DLC includes a carefully developed infrastructure to prevent lockouts. It comes with a guarantee: if one of our clients ever suffers a lockout, we will place you on another dealership immediately. You’ll never miss an auction with us.


No Vague Distinctions About Your Customer Base: Some wholesalers are vague about distinctions between a wholesale and retail dealer license, leaving you to believe you can sell indiscriminately. We will not mislead you. Before you engage us to obtain you dealer license, we will define what you can and cannot with the license.


This is your enterprise: Some competitors commonly accuse us that a dealer partnership is not your dealership; it is an extension of the dealer partner, increasing their buying power while routing profits to them. However, a DLC created partnership assures you of profiting from the partnership with at least two advantages:


First, you have a dealer license for minimum expense of time, money, and worry.


Second, you are open to develop a full dealership of your own at your chosen location, and we remain your expert advisor through that development. These are benefits that will save you time and money in the process of developing your own full dealership. There are many DLC agents who have followed that path and, with our dedicated support and guidance, have successfully opened their own dealerships.

What will we charge?

Our monthly plans start at $297. All plans are month-to-month; there is no long-term contract obligation, except your dedication to your objectives.

Why do we do this?

When should you contact Us?

We don’t know how long we will keep this offer available.

Get your dealer license and have auction access in 7 days or less, or we’ll give $297

Should you wait, you may spend the $297, and more, and will be no closer to your objective to obtain a dealer license. Make the commitment. Make the dream come true.

Chat with us right now online, or call 888-423-7782. You'll be glad you did. We have expert advisors available 9am-5pm EST to answer all your questions and layout the road to your dealer license, auction access, and, with our help, your dealership.


We promise, we'll never share your information with anyone.