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Are you looking into a car dealer license to attend dealer-only-auto auctions to make money flipping cars as a side gig? We can help :)

Getting a car dealer license really shouldn’t be that hard. Right? But, when you deal with the DMV like we have for the past 10 years…well, let’s just say they’ve made our hair turn grey.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of looking into how to get a car dealer license or, you know you exactly what you need, there’s a 99.99% chance we can help you…just like we’ve helped over 1,600 car flipping clients get into dealer-only-auto-auctions nationwide.

If you get in touch with us today, you’ll receive a FREE copy of our Top 6 Questions to Ask a Dealer Licensing Firm PDF to help you find legitimate companies … so you don’t feel overwhelmed at any stage.

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  • Access to Dealer Only Auctions
  • "Sticky Note" Strategy to Find Buyers
  • Run List Analysis by Your Coach
  • Mastering the Title Process - 2 Videos
  • Craigslist Ad Templates
  • Guarantee a Win at Auctions - 2 Videos
  • Winning Lingo at Car Auctions PDF
  • Proven Car Flipping Pro Tips

Some of the Dealer-Only
Auctions We Work With:

  • Manheim
  • Adesa
  • America's Auto Auction
  • automobile
    Dealer's Choice Auto Auction
  • automobile
    Carmax Auto Auctions
  • automobile
    AutoNation Auto Auctions
  • automobile
    & Thousands More!

Meet our Flipping Coaches

Your "Secret Sauce" to helping you make Money Flipping Cars


21 Years of Industry Experience

Has owned 3 dealerships in Florida & 1 dealership in Alabama & Oregon.

Currently flips 2-5 cars a month part time

Flips under $4,500 Cars

Enjoys spending time with family on his spare time + active member of the community.


10 Years Industry Experience

Has owned dealerships in Florida, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Currently Flips 2-4 cars a month part time

Flips between $5k-$10k Cars

Enjoys spending time with his wife + 3 year old cat Mina.

Avid Golden State fan (yes, he's a bandwagon fan)

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Great company, wonderful service, awesome staff. I have been on-board with DLC for alittle over a year and wIsh I know about them earlier. They made sale/purchase cars easy and affordable with out the headaches, I am glad and thankful for all the service you have provide DLC. Thanks a lot

Jaafar M. - Texas

I have been with DLC for a YEAR AND A HALF now. When I first got into the business I knew NOTHING about the auto industry - and from day one DLC provided excellent coaching on the ins and outs of the business. Once I learned the business - joining DLC has been the best decision I have ever made in my career. This concept has created EXCELLENT extra income for my family.

Jimmy H. - Maryland

"Cool, but will this work for ME?"
Umm, does a bear shit in the woods?


Is this a scam or illegal?

Here’s our BBB Page.

A+ Ratings for 5 Years? Ya, we’re pretty proud of that :)  

Better yet, call the BBB at 864-242-5052 and ask them about us.

You can also check-out our almost 5 star Google Reviews here.

Need more proof we can get you your auto dealer license? Get In Touch.

Will I have access to Salvage auctions like Co-Part or IAA?

Yes. But only IAA. Why not Co-Part? Because we’ve found that IAA has a better selection of lightly crashed units that still have cleans titles…and the cars go for cheaper there. If you still want to buy just salvage cars, that’s fine too. IAAI has thousands of em. Don’t worry.    

Do I get dealer plates with this car dealer license?

You can but it depends on the state you’re located in. For some states, we have immediate availability but for some, you’ll be on a waiting list. Call us at 888-423-7782 to discuss your personal situation.

Can I still apply with a felony or misdemeanor conviction?

We totally understand that many of you want to attend dealer only auto auctions but you might have some history. Don’t worry. You’re not just a name or a number to us at DLC. Fill out the form above or call us at 888-423-7782 to discuss your personal situation.     

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