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Get Into Auctions! Make Money!

Cars are cool.

Good old muscle cars, classic Cadillacs, supercharged beasts with neatly restored equipment under the hood. Vintage dashboards. Impeccable upholstery. A tiger in the trunk.

People simply love cars, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But there’s a huge treasure trove of automotive power locked up in private auctions – and unless you have an existing auto dealership, it’s hard to break into that market. When you do get in, if you’re a car guy, you’ll be absolutely spellbound. You’ll see things you have never seen before, and realize what local and national dealers are doing to make money, behind the scenes.

We’re here to help – Dealer License Consulting Network has the expertise to help you get access to auction vehicles. More than a few creative entrepreneurs have tried to go to their uncles or their shade tree mechanic to try to piggyback on someone’s license in order to get access to an auction. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. Here are some of the guarantees that we offer, and the services we provide for car lovers to actually get their hands on auction cars they can flip for money.

Quick Access to Auction Interiors

We like to say that we can get customers access to auctions in under two days. We think that’s pretty impressive in an economy where deals often move slowly; in fact, most customers are astounded when they learn about this. They were expecting the process to take weeks, and all of a sudden they’re sitting on the auction lot, marveling at all the automotive technology passing right before their eyes available at bargain basement prices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here’s another one of our guarantees that we proudly promote right at the top of our website. If you don’t make your money, we refund your fees.

It’s that simple. We know that what we do nets our customers real revenue – and not just that – a front row seat to some of the most interesting private auctions in the world.

Industry Information

We provide you with more information on tax, tag and title processes – on how to know where the deals are. We explain the auction process to you to get you started.

Talk to DLC Network about what you can do in the auto world! You’ll be surprised. We have helped our customers to get skin in the game and get down into the auction world, and many of them have stayed right there ever since. It’s a time-tested process that works. Call us – let’s talk.

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