4 Things You Need to Start Flipping Cars
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4 Things You Need to Start Flipping Cars

Affordable, reliable transportation is an essential part of modern life, which is why there will always be a market for used vehicles. Selling used cars is a great way to make money, and you don’t have to buy a car dealership to get into the industry. With a little bit of know-how and the right connections, almost anyone can start making money by selling used vehicles. Here are four things you need to start flipping cars as a side gig.

Auction Access

The key to successfully flipping cars is finding high-quality used vehicles at a low price. Used car dealerships big and small buy their inventory from special auctions. These auctions are meant for dealers, but it’s possible to gain access with the help of third party licensing firms. At DLC Network, we can get you into an auction near you or even nationwide within a few days if you meet the requirements. You’ll have access to thousands of used cars from various auctions online and in person. With DLC Network, you can participate in auctions from Manheim, Adesa, America’s Auto Auction, Dealer’s Choice Auto Auction, Carmax Auto Auctions, AutoNation Auto Auctions, and much more!

Investment Capital

Like any money-making opportunity, flipping car requires some investment capital to get started. However, it takes less money than many would expect. When you’re flipping a small number of vehicles (say 1-5 per month), you can avoid all the overhead associated with operating a full-fledge brick and mortar dealership with DLC’s unique program…while getting into dealer only auctions…Joining our program costs a little under $600 and a small monthly fee. But, we recommend you have at least $2,500 to get started because you need money for cars you’ll purchase at auctions…any repair fees…auction fees etc. But, we’re here to help! Our program comes with a money-back guarantee for fees you spend with us if you don’t make money. We are confident that our members will make a profit, even with minimal investment. You’re not alone.

Killer Strategy

It takes more than capital and inventory to succeed at flipping cars. You need a strategy if you want to start making money quickly and avoid the rookie mistakes that can sink the unprepared entrepreneurs. DLC Network has a program where experienced coaches help you develop a winning strategy for flipping cars. Our coaches have decades of experience in the industry and they each flip multiple vehicles each month. What does this mean for you? You’re getting real actionable tips almost live! We have so much faith in our program that we’ll refund your membership fees if you haven’t made more than that amount by the end of your first year.

Positive Attitude

To be successful at flipping cars takes a particular mindset. Having a positive attitude is helpful in most situations, but it’s essential for people in our industry. You won’t win at every auction, and you won’t sell every car to the first person who comes to see it. You have to be able to always move forward and see the big picture. At DLC Network, we only accept 10 qualified applicants per month. We’re always looking for people who have the drive to succeed and the attitude to make it happen.

Since we only take a limited number of applicants each month, don’t wait to contact DLC Network if you’re interested in flipping cars. Book a free strategy session to get started. And be sure to check out some of the testimonials from people who joined the DLC Network on our home page.

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