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Getting access to the right auctions is insanely important when flipping cars.

The process for getting the state’s permission is unnecessarily complicated in order to limit the number of people bidding on cars. This is great if you are one of the bidders, but sucks if you are on the outside looking in.

At DLC, we help our clients bypass the needless BS and get dealer-only auction access with a process that is simple, transparent and fast. 

Getting Auction Access with DLC

  • Don’t need a corporation
  • Don’t need a commercial building
  • Only required to watch a few of our onboarding videos
  •  No growing old waiting in DMV lines
  • No garage liability insurance required
  • Only $297/month & 100% money back guarantee if you don’t profit
  • Quick and friendly service with an eager support team 

Traditional Dealer License Process

  • Must have an established corporation
  • Requires a commercial building with 1 year lease
  •  Must take various classes and tests (that make you wish you were back in the DMV line)
  • Required to go through the DMV (the 10th circle of hell)
  • Must have garage liability insurance  
  • Process that costs you thousands of dollars plus your kidney & has no guarantees
  • Getting good help is harder to find than a needle in a haystack

I was going through the process of getting my own Dealer License when I discovered these guys.  Word to the wise…  If you are considering your own license please do your research first.  It is an absolutely insane process.  Dlc at minimum saved me $5,000-$8,000.  Check out the actual cost to have a dealer license.  Once you see that this decision will be a no brainer. 

Dlc Network has been a life changer for me. I was flippin on cl and it was getting really hard with finding good deals to flip. Came across these guys online and I spoke them 3-4 times. They made me feel very comfortable and I forked out the money. The deals they’ve showed me has been incredible. I’m doing this part time and I’ve been consistently selling around 3 cars a month. Keep up the good work guys! 

The Few Quick Steps Standing Between You and Auction Access

  • 1
    Sign u​p with DLC
  • 2
    Consult with one of our experienced coaches
  • 3
    Become an Independent Contractor with a licensed, established dealership
  • 4
    Enter car auctions as an agent with full dealership privileges.
  • 5
    Buy and sell cars
  • 6
    Profit. Rinse. Repeat.

Skip the BS – get straight to the auction

Get the auction perks of a full-fledged dealership and support from the DLC team

As an independent DLC contractor, you get dealership auction access and in-depth coaching and support from our experienced in-house auction experts so you can add $1000’s to your monthly income flipping cars on the side. 

For just $297 per month, you get:

  • Nationwide Dealer - Only Auction Access
  • Exclusive Auction Strategy Training Guides & Videos
  • Proven Car Flipping Tips from the Pros
  • Effective Craigslist Ad Templates that Sell More Cars 
  • Members - Only Coaching From Successful Flippers

The best part? All this comes with our unbeatable two-tier guarantee.

At DLC we provide fast auction access that leads to profitable car flipping, and our signature two-tier guarantee ensures we fulfill both promises.

Tier 1: Guaranteed Three Day Auction Access

We promise auction access within 3 business days of your registration. If we fail to deliver on this, we will refund 100% of your money.

Tier 2: Guaranteed Yearly Profit

If you haven’t made back your monthly fees after 12 months in the program, we will refund you 100% of your fees. The only caveat to this offer is that you remain active for the entire year and flip at least one car per month. 

Get Auction Access and Learn Car Flipping Strategy From The Industry Best

The DLC coaches know how to make the most money flipping cars.


Tim Sowell

Industry Experience:

21 years. Over the past two decades, Tim has owned five dealerships during that time (3 in Florida, 1 in Alabama and 1 in Oregon). 

Car Flippin’ Speciality: 

Cars under $4,500.

Personally flips 2-5 per month part-time.


Tim enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children.


Zo Zoong Lwe

Industry Experience:

10 years. Zo has owned dealerships in Florida and both Carolinas

Car Flippin’ Speciality:

Cars between $5-S10k.

Personally flips 2-4 per month part-time.


When he’s not watching the Golden State Warriors, Zo spends time with his wife and their cat Mina. 



St. Paul, Minnesota

DLC Member: Over 2 years

Flipping: 5-10 cars/month

Profit: $500-$2000/car



North Carolina

DLC Member: Over 6 months

Flipping: 2 cars/month

Profit: $500-$1000/car

Just because flipping cars is your side hustle, doesn’t mean it can’t be a full time income. That’s what you get with our auction access and expert coaching.

With DLC, you get dealership access to the auctions without having to go through the stress of running a dealership (or lining up at the DMV).

Access to better cars in just 72 hours or less

Prefer to talk to us about getting auction access?