Wanna flip cars...But don't have Auction Access?

DLC will get you into auctions in under 2 Days, and if you don't make money, we'll refund you 100% of your fees. Guaranteed.

Okay, DLC:

✓ I watched the video in full.

✓ I'm very interested in flipping cars.

✓ Need your guys' help.

✓ Please: help me get Auction Access, fast!

✓ So, that I can:

✓ Access thousands of flippable cars

✓ Stop paying big brother tax, tag, title everytime

✓ & Have no limitation on how many cars I can flip

✓ Do everything for me.

✓ Get my access, coach me, help me

✓ So I can put a dollar in...

✓ And make multiples back!

✓ I know it won't be cheap.

✓ That's okay, I'm no chump.

✓ And I'd love to learn more.

Assuming all of that's true?

Some of the Dealer-Only

Auctions We Work With:

  • Manheim
  • Adesa
  • America's Auto Auction
  • Dealer's Choice Auto Auction
  • Carmax Auto Auctions
  • AutoNation Auto Auctions
  • & Thousands More!

Excited Yet?

Getting You Into Dealer-Only-Auctions?

​​​​That's the easy part.

Any dealer licensing firm can do that.

But, we're not satisfied with just getting you into dealer-only-auctions. 

We're OBSESSED with helping you make money flipping cars.

We only charge ONE MONTH to start & you can quit any time.

But you won't because we have an AWESOME guarantee, that you will make profits, or your money back!

Presenting Our Signature Two-Tier Guarantee

Tier One: If you don't have auction access within 2 Business Days of joining us, we'll refund you 100% of your money. We only ask you sign agreements & watch our onboading videos on time.

Tier Two: If you don't make all your monthly fees back in 12 months of being in our program, we'll issue you a refund for all 12 months you paid. We only ask that you flip at least one car a month, pay your monthly membership fee & auction fees on time.

DLC Guarantee!

Meet our Flipping Coaches

Your "Secret Sauce" to helping you make Money Flipping Cars


21 Years of Industry Experience

Has owned 3 dealerships in Florida & 1 dealership in Alabama & Oregon.

Currently flips 2-5 cars a month part time

Flips under $4,500 Cars

Enjoys spending time with family on his spare time + active member of the community.


10 Years Industry Experience

Has owned dealerships in Florida, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Currently Flips 2-4 cars a month part time

Flips between $5k-$10k Cars

Enjoys spending time with his wife + 2 year cat Mina.

Avid Golden State fan (yes, he's a bandwagon fan)

Do You Qualify?

We only accept 10 qualified candidates every month.

  • You must have $2,500 or more to invest in cars at auctions.
  • You have no felonies or misdemeanors in the past 5 years.
  • You have an active driver's license.
  • thumbs-o-up
    You have a personal insurance policy.
  • thumbs-o-up
    You must have a positive - no quit - grind it out attitude.

Do you have the hustle & work ethic to join this revolution?

Customer Testimonials:

Great company, wonderful service, awesome staff. I have been on-board with DLC for alittle over a year and wIsh I know about them earlier. They made sale/purchase cars easy and affordable with out the headaches, I am glad and thankful for all the service you have provide DLC. Thanks a lot

Jaafar M. - Texas

I have been with DLC for a YEAR AND A HALF now. When I first got into the business I knew NOTHING about the auto industry - and from day one DLC provided excellent coaching on the ins and outs of the business. Once I learned the business - joining DLC has been the best decision I have ever made in my career. This concept has created EXCELLENT extra income for my family.

Jimmy H. - Maryland

"Cool, but will this work for ME?"

Umm, does a bear shit in the woods?



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Established in 2011

& Proud to have Changed Over

1,600 Car Flippers Lives Nationwide.