Auction Access Through Registered License

Don’t limit yourself from doing a great business with a retail license, especially if you have got great trading skills. Upgrade to a new level by obtaining an entry to dealer’s auction, by getting a wholesale dealer’s license. DLC does all your work, which includes application for bond, insurance, background check, site inspection and so on. Everything will be done on your behalf that meets the entry criteria with DMV and so that you get appropriate response in due time.

As a dealer you can attend the car auction after getting the permit to operate individually. Since these auctions are exclusively organized for the authorized auto dealers, it is mandatory to have the permit for wholesale dealing and brokership. This privilege gives you a valuable opportunity to expand your business, for example, in the sell-off you can purchase any number of cars, which is usually not allowed to people without the permit.

We stay dedicated to your needs as a dealer and our wholesale license program covers up everything from background checks, dealer plates, desk, chair, office area to name few. This program is also covered up with the detailed analysis reports of market and auction activities. DMC takes your profile personally and will always ensure your satisfaction whether it is a pre or post stage. Get yourself the exclusive pass for automobile auction through the wholesale auto license and commence a fruitful dealership business.

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