"A goal is a dream with a deadline." - Napoleon Hill

At DLC, the goals our members bring to us are often great. That is exactly what our goals are. We don’t think dreaming big and working hard to pursue these goals is whimsical; we do it every day. It is a reality in the business world.

You are here to make a profit, and here at DLC, we know that you are willing to work to maintain a business, and in return for that work, you need someone who knows you and who knows where and how to guide you so you can end up exactly where you want to be. That is why whether reconditioning, exporting, brokering, or anything in between, our programs are created specifically to give you the best opportunities and consultation available anywhere.

Whether your goal is retail or wholesale automobile dealing, we know you have many choices in the burgeoning automotive consulting market for beginning your new business. We know we are the best on the market through our ongoing research of market analytics, in-depth monthly updates from Independent Automobile Dealer Associations, state and federal requirements for consumer protection, compliance and regulation. Don’t risk yourself or your family by going with lackluster compliance, risky dealing or anyone or anything that doesn’t require dedication and honesty. With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, don’t go with second best. We will provide you all the tools and knowledge you need for real-world success through our consulting staff, most of whom are automobile dealers themselves.

Wholesale Programs

The fact is buying and selling wholesale at dealer-only auctions is a great opportunity. Wholesaling automobiles is the most sound and lucrative business investment in the automotive industry at this time, and is why many different opportunities to enter it (for a price) exist. We will provide to you everything required to obtain and maintain a compliant, successful used automobile wholesale business of your very own.

The move to a stronger segment in the market for newer, more economic and efficient vehicles is strengthening the overall power of the wholesale segment across the used automobile market, and after the market scare in ’08 diminishing the return of newer model vehicles in ’10 and ’11, this new increase in consumer confidence has resulted in the return of newer vehicles to the used car industry, thus creating another strong downward push to return things to a buyer’s market.

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Retail Programs

In order to retail automobiles to the public as a dealer, you need a license. We provide access to a dealership during the tenure of your relationship with DLC. Whereas many available retail programs offered by other companies strive only for the benefit of the dealership, we take a unique and industry-redefining approach for our dealers; we are dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. It is abundantly clear to us and to our network of used automobile dealerships that treating customers with respect and honesty is a priority that should not be neglected.

The used automobile industry is traditionally a seller’s market; the uncertainty in the market of last few years has certainly proved this. Now during the stabilization of the wholesale market, it is a very good time to become involved with the retail industry.

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