Mission Statement:

At Dealers License LLC (DLC) it is our most sincere and earnest mission to provide our customers with the most accurate and cutting-edge knowledge and highest standard of efficiency of professionalism in the industry. It is our mission to empower our clients with the fullest understanding of the automotive industry so that they may succeed and discover unimaginable potential.

Who we are:

Dealers License LLC is a consulting and marketing firm that is committed to empowering our clients with the knowledge and training that is required to not only succeed in the automotive industry, but surpass initial goals that in turn usher in a whole new aspect of career and financial freedom that is not easily found through other programs.

Dealers License LLC was founded with over fifty years of collective experience between our talented and dedicated staff. Each day we work towards becoming the best and most successful consulting firm in the automotive industry. Dealers License LLC is paving the way towards rapidly becoming the best in the industry and constantly finding new avenues towards improvement and evolution in our customer service, business practices, and expansion.

Dealers License LLC is proud of the standard of service that we are able to provide to you, our member and to our potential members. We solemnly vow to always deliver only the best of everything from coaching and mentoring to marketing assistance, and forever the upper hand in every aspect of the automotive industry. In order to make this not only a possibility but the ABSOLUTE standard we are offering more programs than ever before in order to reach as many potential members as possible and grant them the opportunity to IGNITE their career and discover one of the many roads to financial and personal success.

“DLC, The undisputed standard of excellence in the automotive consulting industry.”
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