Auto Dealer Licensing Made Easy

DLC is a consulting firm that helps individuals by providing them alternate solutions for their auto dealer licensing issues. The team has accumulated quality experience over the years after working closely with dealers, clients and individuals. The level of expertise and skills possessed by DLC counselors, lessens your burden and speeds up the process of obtaining an auto sales license for your business.

The main purpose is to help people get legal acceptance in accordance to the standards stated by the Department of Motor vehicle. We prepare you for the test, work you through the entire process and once your license is obtained, we keep you updated with the new changes that take place in the industry. You can either operate under various dealerships that allow the car sales and purchase through a valid license, or get a wholesale permit to function independently.

Your association with us guarantees a flourishing future in this lucrative business. Not only do you obtain your license in accordance with the DMV’s standards, but with the retail permit you work with some of the best dealers of the nation. On the other hand, with wholesale auto sales license in your hand, you get nationwide access to the vehicle auctions that are exclusive for dealers only and get any number of cars with no limit on sale or purchase.

You can easily commence auto sales through our shared program license and conduct a meaningful business. Our commitment with you does not end with just the provision of license. Through our various licensing programs focused on both wholesale as well as retail customers, you can benefit with various features that will help you excessively in establishing yourself in this challenging industry. The programs differ from each other in terms of features provided, thereby it becomes easy for you to choose the best program for yourself as per your budget.

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