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Auto Dealers License For California, New York

Selling a self-owned car is different, but if you have been meaning to sell cars for a living, you might need to undergo an entire different process that authenticates you as a dealer. A couple of tests, license and inspection of property would be required to let you get started with the Dealership. Getting a dealers license confirms your validity and will give you the liberty in order to conduct the selling as well as transporting vehicles across United States.

At DLC network, we are committed to provide many aspiring individuals an insight to the automotive industry in addition to an auto dealer license. There are primarily two licensing programs that can opted as per the convenience.

  • With the Shared license program you get connected with an already successful network of dealers operating nationwide. Getting placed under a dealership gives you a legal 'yes' to commence the business.
  • With the Wholesale license, you get the freedom to operate individually. The license lets you to purchase and export vehicles from an exclusive dealer-only auction, without any limitation.
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